Welberry Villas

The Welberry Portfolio has access to some of the most exquisite, and fully serviced villas and apartments throughout the world that you can personally choose from.

We provide an unparalleled luxurious treatment in the most serene settings to ensure that our guests destress, unwind and experience a newfound wellness. Each villa as standard comes with its own doctoral level psychologist with the option of 24-hour support, a personal trainer, a chef, housekeeping services, a personal driver, a yoga instructor, a masseuse and spa services. Needs depending there is also access to other members of our highly proficient clinical and professional team such as medics (e.g. psychiatrists, general practitioners, reproductive specialists, and nurses), neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, business consultants, lawyers and personal assistants.

The Welberry Villas are international, but we do recommend that treatment is undertaken in one of the beautiful villas in the stunning location of Mexico, where you can enjoy the ambiance of the sparkling blue Caribbean Sea around the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres. Alternatively, stay next to the coastline in the exquisite locations of Mexico’s Pacific coast off Puerto Vallarta, Punta de Mita, and the serene settings around the Baja Peninsula. Whereas, for those people who enjoy the pleasures of an open countryside, mountains, breathtakingly beautiful scenery, with lakes and roaming hills, we offer equally luxurious villas in the interior of Mexico in spectacular locations such Chapala, Guanajuato and Merida.

However, if there is another locality that is more convenient for your stay, then please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that your personal needs are met directly.


Dining Experience

We at the Welberry Portfolio pride ourselves in ensuring our guests individual needs are met in all areas and in dining we can proudly provide our guests with a high calibre chef who possesses a creativity and enthusiasm for an exceptional quality of food that is fresh and locally sourced.

The menu will be extensive and feature high quality and often unusual ingredients that require elaborate preparation. The quality of food delivered is pivotal for social and enjoyable aspects of dining and the relationship of a high-quality dietary intake as a protective factor for healthily managing stress and other psychological issues.

Sport and Recreation

We know the importance of exercise for physical and mental health, and the Welberry Portfolio will offer our guests with an onsite British qualified personal trainer who will deliver a minimum of 5 individual training sessions each week at an hour duration. Your personal trainer will tailor the exercise to your own personal capabilities and needs. In addition, each morning or before dusk the personal trainer will escort you for a light activity such as a gentle walk, a light jog or a bicycle ride. Significantly, and therapeutically the type of individual physical exercise provided to our guests is based on empirical research that indicates how certain tailor-made exercises can replenish levels of brain derived neurotropic factor that when depleted from the endurance of trauma, loss or stress can increase the likelihood of experiencing mental distress.

Wellness and Spa

The Welberry Portfolio will provide our guests with the highest standard of care, and to ensure that you are fully relaxed at all times we will offer wellness and spa treatments. Guests will receive an opportunity for daily yoga from one of our high-level instructors, and you will receive massages, pedicures, manicures and body scrubs.

Soothing activities like massage can aid relaxation through improving blood flow to the skin, and muscles to help remove tension. Massage provides a generalised relaxation, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and enhances an overall state of revitalisation.


The Welberry Portfolio provide optional excursions to allow our guests an opportunity to visit the stunning scenery of the locality where you are staying. If for example you are staying in the Yucatan Peninsula you can visit Mayan ruins that culminate in an opportunity to visit Chichen Itza the new Seventh Wonder of the World, visit amazing wildlife parks, see flamingos, visit salt lakes and bathe in incredible cenotes. If you are staying in Jalisco, you will experience an unapparelled local friendliness, and the opportunity to discover the modern city of Guadalajara, and the beautiful interior towns such as Tlaquepaque that offer wonderful architecture, artisan cafes, and a warm vibrant culture in the home of the world-famous Mariachis. Then there are the settings near Puerto Vallarta that offer beautiful skies, blue sea, great beaches, mountain backdrops, rivers, cascades, trekking, walking, biking, and horse-riding.

Welberry Villas

The following gallery displays the Welberry Portfolio’s luxury villa accommodation. The villas can provide varying amenities and facilities to meet your own personal or organisational needs, grouped into the packages of the Sovereign Selection, the Queen Consort Selection, the Duchy Selection, and the Duchess Selection.

The included villa listings are only a selection of the available villas that we hold under our Welberry Portfolio, please contact us if you would like to see other villa options.

The Sovereign Selection

Punta de Mita, México

Riviera Maya, México

Los Cabos, México

 The Queen Consort Selection

Los Cabos, México
 Punta Mita, México

The Duchy Selection

 Los Cabos, México
Puerto Aventuras, México
Punta de Mita, México

The Duchess Selection

Riviera Maya, México
Puerto Vallarta, México

The Sailing Experience

The Welberry Portfolio offers an exclusive and luxury treatment provision of psychological treatment, while sailing the exquisite waters off the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. The Catamaran experience can be used as a standalone option or offered as part of a package with a luxury private villa. The selection of Catamaran’s available at minimum are equipped with four queen sized sleeping quarters, and two additional quarters for crew.

The Catamaran comes with an experienced captain and its own full-time chef and housekeeping to ensure high end comfort at all times. We provide you with your personal doctoral level psychologist, and needs depending a psychology assistant or personal trainer to accompany you on the journey to ensure that your mental and physical wellbeing needs take priority.

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