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The Welberry Portfolio is a privately commissioned, gold standard psychology service operated from the United Kingdom and Mexico, that specifically caters for international clients proficient in the English language.

The Welberry Portfolio delivers expert and bespoke medical and psychological consultancy, and intervention in the sectors of healthcare such as mental health, drug and alcohol, fertility, medically unexplained symptoms and for sleep disturbances. We furthermore, also provide specialist psychological consultancy in the sectors of business, law, and for sporting organisations and individual elite athletes.

The Welberry Portfolio provides unique clinical and professional excellence from a service Portfolio managed by highly proficient doctoral level psychologists and professionals, chartered to a recognised professional body, who come with a proven track record.

The Welberry Portfolio’s supporting clinicians and organisational staff are all highly experienced, suitably qualified, and adhere to a high British professional standard and code of ethical practice and conduct. The Welberry Portfolio are bound to the legalities and ethics of the United Kingdom’s codes of ethical and professional conduct stipulated in the guidelines of the British Psychological Society, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, and the Health and Care Professions Council.

  • The Welberry Portfolio commits our care and excellence to support individuals or organisations to achieve their wanted goals;
  • we practice safely and effectively within the scope of our framework;
  • we practice within legal and ethical boundaries;
  • we practice with professional and evidence based judgement and action; we are aware of the impact of culture, equality and diversity;
  • we practice in a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory manner; we understand the importance of and maintain confidentiality and anonymity;
  • we pride ourselves in effective communication;
  • we reflect and review our practice and procedures to ensure that our standards and qualities are maintained and where possible improved;
  • we endeavour to maintain an expertise in the areas of our professional practice and proficiency;
  • and we provide and maintain safe and professional working environments and relationships.


Mental Health Services

Welberry Mental Health Services specialise in the treatment of mental illness, psychological, emotional and behavioural difficulties from the low to moderate severity to more severe and chronic conditions. For example, we routinely treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, and sleep difficulties; and more complex conditions such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and personality disorders. We also specialise in the management of the psychobiological conditions of medically unexplained symptoms, which can include but is not exclusive to fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and pain management.

Drug and Alcohol Services

Welberry Drug and Alcohol Services provide expertise in the treatment of alcohol, and drug misuse and dependency issues, which can also include compulsive behaviours around prescription medication, sex, gambling, gaming, social media, food or physical exercise.

Each client that accepts our service for issues around drug and alcohol will receive an initial appointment with our psychiatrist to ascertain any need for additional medical intervention.

The philosophy of the Welberry Drug and Alcohol Services is to reduce reliance upon psychotropic medication and compulsive behaviours as much as is feasible. Unlike most other treatment organisations, we do not routinely campaign for people to abstain from their maladaptive behaviours.

However, we certainly do advocate for harm minimisation to reduce the associated risks that compulsive behaviours can have for mental and physical wellbeing, and the effects that they can have for social and occupational functioning.

Welberry Fertility Services

Welberry Fertility Services are a specialist psychology service operating within the healthcare sector of fertility. Medically unexplained infertility affects approximately 10% of the population, meaning that there are millions of people who are biologically able to become pregnant but for various reasons they are struggling to become pregnant. Unexplained infertility can become a frustrating and often heart-breaking experience for individuals, couples, their families and friends.

However, there is now hope for people experiencing unexplained infertility through the use of new and innovative, and specialist psychological methodologies.

Our psychologists will not only comfort individuals experiencing infertility, but we will use exceptional and atypical techniques to manipulate the biopsychological processes that are preventing a successful pregnancy.

Welberry Organisational Services

Welberry Organisational Services provide employee wellbeing services, research, audit, training, arbitration, solution intensive strategising, and legal preparation for business and sporting organisations.

We understand the effects chronic pressures of work have on physical and mental health, and we specialise in occupational and health solutions to ensure wellbeing and work are better managed by both employees and employers.

The Welberry Organisational Services also deliver organisational and systemic assessments to ascertain the efficacy of business functionality and performances. Meaning that the micro and macro inefficiencies within organisations will be identified and strategic interventions developed and implemented to improve performance outcomes.

Welberry Outreach Services

Welberry Outreach Services offer convenience and flexibility of an outreach service, which means that the Welberry Portfolio for health and business consultancy can be operated from within a digital or community setting.

The outreach service is flexible, anonymous and convenient, and particularly useful when international stays in one of our villas are unworkable or unnecessary.

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