Outreach Services

The Welberry Outreach Services are a specialist provision that provides the services of Welberry Mental Health Services, Welberry Drug and Alcohol Services, Welberry Fertility Services, and Welberry Organisational Services directly to your home, organisation or preferred locality.

The Welberry Outreach Services needs depending also provides auxiliary digital consultancy for individuals or organisations. We use digital technology such as video calling, instant messaging, emails or mobile telephone communication to provide a gold standard service that can be 24/7, reactive, flexible and international.

Welberry Outreach Services will also provide a provision that is similar to sober coaches in the United States, which have become a popular means to support individuals and their families cope when someone has issues with dependency. The Welberry Outreach Services will be slightly different because we will provide a doctoral level psychologist with extensive working experience in mental health, dependency and behavioural issues. The psychologist can come to your home or the preferred locality to support the individual and the family, so that the individual’s relationship with drugs or alcohol and their mental health will improve. The service is also available to individuals and the family when drugs or alcohol issues are a lesser or of no concern. However, no matter the circumstance the psychologist will provide a thorough psychological examination, which will inform the psychological formulation and treatment recommendations.

To speak to Dr Gavin Jones or a member of the Welberry Community Services, please use the contact page or email us direct at info@Welberry.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.