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The Welberry Organisational Services know that the main drivers of any business are its employees. We will help you ensure the growth and sustainability of your organisation through increasing employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

The industries of construction and mining over the decades have seen hundreds of thousands of employees suffering with physical and mental health problems due to their hazardous working conditions. However, the less obvious working environments of offices or sporting arenas can be equally as hazardous to workers health from the chronic stressors of a culture that is leading to job burnout, exhaustion, negative attitudes, detachment, anxiety, depression, difficulties sleeping, constant irritability, and feelings of inadequacy.

Occupational stress and burnout effects at least one third of employee’s and the mental health implications are also increasing the risks of hypercholesterolemia, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and hospitalisation due to cardiovascular disorder, musculoskeletal pain, prolonged fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and respiratory problems. Increasingly, many executives and white-collar employees are struggling to discuss their personal issues with employers or significant others and are instead unhelpfully relying on the antidotes of increased alcohol consumption, illicit drugs or prescription medications, which is exacerbating their mental and physical health. The strain of work, declining mental and physical health then affects working performances and confidence, and this influences life outside of work, it is putting strains on relationships with family and friends, which in turn exacerbates mental health and working performances.

In answer to this underdiscussed and often-missed niche of mental health, the Welberry Organisational Services provides individual or group psychological treatment for the symptoms of occupational and executive burnout in our luxury treatment facilities. The Welberry Organisational Services will cater for such individuals experiencing distress, and we will also provide group-based treatment if an organisation requires more than one employee to be supported. The treatment is based upon improving mental and physical health, which will support the resolution to the unwanted symptoms of stress. We will also incorporate strategies to improve work related performances, which will of course have beneficial effects for both the individual’s and their employing company or organisation.

The employees’ wellbeing needs to be the principal concern for any organisation, and this will be an impetus to employees’ efficiency and dedication to the organisation because a well-cared for employee will respond by performing to the best of their ability. In sporting organisations, performance is a renowned and a celebrated concept that is pivotal to the success of the organisation. Sporting performance provides an opportunity for everyone to assess success on results whether its times, distances, goals, points or medals, and failure or mediocrity is easily and equally observable through similar measurement methods. The subtleties between performance outcomes at elite levels requires sophisticated and deeper analysis to understand why success, failure or mediocracy is occurring. We at the Welberry Organisational Services will provide an understanding and strategies to improve performance so that results and outcomes of success are at least maintained or improved.

Likewise, non-sporting businesses and organisations will also need to improve performance and outcomes to make organisational goals become a reality. In business and commercial organisations, it is paramount that managers and company hierarchy have access to specific tools for assessment to better understand the business and to develop strategies to improve performances, which drives outcomes and increases financial remuneration. The understanding of performance only comes when managers use tailored tools to assess the company resources, company processes and their outcomes in order to ensure successes.

We at the Welberry Organisational Services are able to understand organisational inefficiencies and efficiencies and their relationships to performance. We will undertake audit and research to assess organisational efficacy and provide written reports identifying inefficiencies and support the delivering of intervention to change outcomes. Thus, in understanding these evidence-based organisational factors we can ensure employee performances and structures are fashioned to achieve results to gain the edge over competitors.

The Welberry Organisational Services also provides an arbitration and legal service to reduce the burden of resource draining that often occurs during the processes of litigation. Arbitration is favoured by many individuals and organisations as a way to resolve disputes. Arbitration has a noteworthy advantage over litigation in court, such as lowered costings, as attorney fees are kept to a minimum. Additionally, court cases are not required, and shorter times to case resolution because omitting the court processes saves time in evidentiary issues, proposed findings of facts, authentication of documents, cumulative witnesses, and appeals. Whereas, the flexibility of arbitration allows a decision of when, where and for how long the arbitration will take, and it can occur outside normal business hours. Arbitration can be held in confidentiality and anonymity at one of our large, luxurious and serviced villas, meaning that sensitive issues can be discussed without public knowledge, thus there are no concerns about the potential damage to reputations associated to public forums.

It is recommended that prospective clients utilise the world class facilities offered by Welberry Villas, which provides total anonymity in our exclusive accommodation. We support business to occur in a professional, confidential, and relaxing environment, which is certainly acquiescent for successful outcomes. In addition, and when necessary we can also incorporate our Welberry Digital Services or our Welberry Community Services to increase the type of support and consultancy that your organisation might require.

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