Fertility Services

The Welberry Fertility Services know that a significant number of couples who struggle to conceive are affected with an unexplained infertility, which can be explained from the bio-psychosocial relationship between mental and physical wellbeing to reproductive successes or failures.

In particular, stress is a significant and understated factor that appears to impede in the fertility processes. The causation of stress to infertility is multifactorial and not just associated to day to day worries of daily life or concerns about a want to become pregnant.

Medically speaking, stress can cause infertility from a disruption to the endocrine reproductive system, which is required for effective reproductive functioning. Stress interferes in the required timings of reproductive hormone releases related to the inhibition of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone pulse generator, from the decelerating of the luteinizing hormone pulse frequency from an increase in corticotrophin releasing hormone (CRH) secretion, and mechanisms that mediate reproduction such as an enhanced cortisol production. Therefore, there is an overwhelming need for couples experiencing unexplained infertility to receive specialist psychological treatment to reduce the biological ramifications of stress to fertility to increase the chances of a successful and full-term pregnancy, particularly when stress may have deeper psychological origin that may be related to unresolved personal trauma or loss.

The Welberry Fertility Services provide counsel, consultancy and intervention to individuals and couples, and to established fertility treatment centres. It is our recommendation that individual’s or couple’s experiencing infertility utilise our fulltime specialist service and receive treatment in one of our luxury, serene, warm and therapeutically informed villas.

Our guests will be provided with two individual and/or partner psychological therapy sessions each day (i.e. Monday to Friday, AM and PM each at a 90-minute duration), delivered by a highly experienced and doctoral level psychologist, and access to other villa amenities such as yoga, massage, a personal trainer, chef and housekeeping services.

Prospective guests and their significant others can be rest assured knowing that they will receive the consultancy of Dr Gavin Jones, who will treat them with the support of a highly experienced and qualified team of healthcare professionals, and staff who each adhere to the high standards of care as you would expect to see in a luxury and high class British operated treatment facility.

The Welberry Fertility Services are operated as a luxury and bespoke individual or family service provision facilitated from one out of a collection of our beautiful villas (link here) that you can personally choose from.

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