Drug and Alcohol Services

The Welberry Drug and Alcohol Services are specialists in the individual treatment of drug and alcohol misuse and dependency issues, and our service is facilitated from a collection of one of our many beautiful villas that you can personally choose from.

We provide each client with a psychologically informed and personalised treatment schedule that is based on a comprehensive and individualised psychological assessment, and clinical formulation. The Welberry Portfolio is operated by highly proficient clinicians, chartered to a recognised professional body, who come with a proven track record. Treatment is personalised and founded upon the principals that the surface level symptoms of mental health and drug and alcohol issues, have more complex psychological routes, causations, and meaning. In understanding and treating the causative factors of mental health, and drug and alcohol issues, there materialises hope in ending the perpetual suffering and trauma that many people and their families endure.

The Welberry Drug and Alcohol Services understand that for many people there is the want to undertake drug or alcohol treatment away from the pressures of home and work life, and that there is a plethora of international rehab treatment options to consider. Lamentably, many rehab style facilities in Asia, Australasia, and the United States are poorly facilitated, unregulated, or driven with unqualified, and untrained staff, providing inefficacious, and unscientific treatment practices to a vulnerable and psychologically exhausted population. Naive or ineffective clinics can often communicate that treatment effectiveness is positively correlated to long treatment stays, meaning that recommendations of 90 to 180-days are also more financially acquiescent for the business than out of clinical necessity.

The Welberry Portfolio believe shorter and effective treatment stays that interfere less with home or work life are feasible, practicable and preferable for clients. Meaning that we will design an individualised treatment plan that is concise, convenient, and effective so that treatment can be anonymously and discretely combined within a vacation break. Understandably, the complexity of the presenting drug or alcohol dependency and mental health condition will impact the recommended treatment plan and length of stay. However, a short treatment will provide improvement in mental health and it will be a strong foundation to begin to change of unhealthy relationships with drugs or alcohol.

The Welberry Drug and Alcohol Services ensures that our guests who enter treatment are cared for within a therapeutically informed environment, which is founded upon a loving, caring, compassionate, relaxing, and effective evidence-based approach. The Welberry Portfolio’s guests are provided with two individual psychological therapy sessions each day (i.e. Monday to Friday, AM and PM each at 90-minute duration) that are delivered by a highly experienced and doctoral level psychologist. Prospective guests and their families can be assured knowing that Dr Gavin Jones will personally treat each patient with the support of a highly experienced and qualified team of healthcare professionals, and staff who each adhere to the high standards of care as you would expect to see in a high-end British treatment facility.

If you are personally seeking drug or alcohol treatment or are a family member of a loved one who you believe requires treatment, rest assured that the Welberry Portfolio provides a gold standard drug and alcohol service. Our service is founded upon high standards of professional proficiency and facilitated with appropriately qualified clinicians that adhere to the practice guidelines of the United Kingdom’s Health and Care Profession Council, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and the British Psychological Society.

We provide an unrivalled clinical proficiency, professionalism and comprehensive understanding of drugs and alcohol issues and mental illnesses. We manage our guests from a dual-diagnosis perspective, which means that most often a dependency occurs when there is an underlining mental illness or psychological difficulty often caused from a trauma or loss. Therefore, our treatment success is in the management of the dual-diagnosis and not just specialising in working with the dependency issue, which can often be the case in many treatment facilities that inadequately and naively utilise the 12-Step based recovery model of the AA or NA.

To speak to Dr Gavin Jones, or a member of the Welberry Drug and Alcohol Service please contact us direct through the contact page or email info@Welberry.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.