CK Talent Management Partnership

The Welberry Portfolio are very proud to announce today its partnership with CK Talent Management to provide specialist and expertise in psychological consultancy, coaching and motivational methods to their talent roster and staff that work in the entertainment, social media and sporting industries. CK Talent Management recognises the benefits of Welberry Portfolio as a privately commissioned, gold standard psychology service.

The Welberry Portfolio has also agreed to provide clients of CK Talent Management access to their Outreach Services, which means that the Welberry Portfolio will provide a digital (e.g. audio or videocalls) consultancy service to CK Talent Management clients.

Together, the partnership with CK Talent Management will help their clients better manage their personal, social and occupational difficulties that may be directly or indirectly affecting personal goals, ambitions or successes.

The Welberry Portfolio has also agreed to provide for CK Talent Management talent who wish a more hands-on approach their services directly to them at their home, or care at one of their luxury and private treatment facilities.