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The Welberry Rehab

The Welberry Portfolio appreciates that individual treatment in one of our luxury villas for mental health or drug and alcohol issues can be a comfort not financially amenable to all people. Therefore, we offer a discounted treatment, which is made available through attending one of our luxury rehab villas. We will provide each of our guests with a gold standard, English language treatment. The highly experienced licenced psychologists and clinicians understand how to appropriately treat mental health, and specifically the morbidities of psychological trauma, dependency issues, poor sleep, and a dual-diagnosis, which can be said to be the four principal complaints of people entering treatment.

The all-inclusive or self-catering villas accommodate up to twelve people. The villas are all set in comfortable surroundings with private and luxurious en suite rooms, and access to 24/7 clinical support. The Welberry Portfolio will still carefully tailor its interventions to meet the complex needs of the individual requiring treatment, a capability seldom seen in other treatment facilities. We will provide each guest with an individual psychological assessment, formulation and treatment based upon an understanding that surface level symptoms have deeper psychological routes and causations. We believe that when an individual understands how they have developed their mental illness or drug and alcohol difficulty, they can then learn how to recognise and fade out their behaviours that have been perpetuating the difficulty.

The length of time required for mental health or dependency treatment at our rehabs is based on individual needs, which are formulated from the psychological assessment. In the wider rehab world, treatment stays are often encouraged to be between 90 to 180 days because successful treatment is mistakenly correlated to increased length of stays. However, for many prospective guests the consideration of a lengthy time away from home is daunting because it will interfere with occupational, social and family functioning (especially for mothers). Therefore, the Welberry Portfolio alternatively provides the provision of an optional shorter, intense but effective treatment (circa 28 days) that interferes less with home and work life.

Dining and Dietary Intake

The Welberry Portfolio proudly provides its guests with a fine and relaxed dining experience, at breakfast, lunch and evening meals, which will be served in the contemporary extension where the outside meets the inside.

Meals are prepared by a high calibre chef who possesses a creativity and enthusiasm for an exceptional quality of food that is fresh and locally sourced.

The quality of food delivered is pivotal, not just for social and enjoyable aspects of dining, but to conform to the plethora of research that evidences the relationships between diet with mental and physical health.

Psychological Therapy

The Welberry Portfolio guests will be provided with three individual psychological therapy sessions of an hour duration each week that will be delivered by a highly experienced and doctoral level psychologist.

Guests will also be expected to attend a 45-minute opening group session at the start of the day, and a 45-minute closing and summary session at the end of the day.

Personal Training

Physical exercise is important for physical and mental health, and the Welberry Portfolio will provide its guests with 3 individual training sessions each week at an hour duration with a British qualified personal trainer.

There will also be light group exercises each morning and evening before dusk, plus adhoc and optional sporting activities such as beach or pool games.

The personal training team will also provide exercise-based community activities such as walking, jogging or bike rides and accompany us on our group excursions.

The type of individual physical exercise provided to guests is based on empirical research that indicates how certain exercises can replenish levels of brain derived neurotropic factor that when depleted during times of distress, increase the likelihood of experiencing mental health symptoms or dependency issues.

In-House Activities

The Welberry Portfolio will organise in-house activities to encourage relaxation, fun and a warm spirited togetherness for its guests.

The evenings will provide access to such activities as art classes, pottery making, coffee tasting, Mexican cookery classes, spice tasting, archery, book club, Spanish, chess competitions, pool nights, and movie nights.


The weekend excursions at the Welberry Portfolio will be at an extra cost and will provide an opportunity for guests to go on outings to discover and experience the stunning scenery and culture of Mexico, learn and explore about its rich historical past and see its cultural splendour.

The Welberry Portfolio rehabs are only a short drive or flight from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there is also the opportunity to discover nearby artisan cafes, theatres, warm vibrant cultures, and discover amazing wildlife.

Auxiliary Activities

The Welberry Portfolio will provide its guests with the highest standard of care and to ensure that our guests are fully relaxed at all times we will provide complementary spa treatment.

Guests will be provided with the highest quality of massages, pedicures, manicures and body scrubs. Soothing activities like massage can aid relaxation through improving blood flow to the skin, and muscles to help remove tension.

Massage provides a generalised relaxation, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and enhances an overall state of revitalisation.

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