We treat individuals
and manage organisations

requiring support for mental health, drug and alcohol issues, delinquency, and legal matters.

Our clinics deliver luxury
in beautiful,

serene surroundings with a team of professional staff.

Welberry success has been
gained by working

with the most complex cases in mental health, drug and alcohol and behavioural delinquency.

Welberry is an esteemed, privately commissioned psychology service that sets the gold standard in providing expert and customised psychological and psychiatric consultancy to individuals and organisations. Our primary focus is on providing a comprehensive range of services that cater to the unique psychological needs and circumstances of our clients.


Welberry is without prejudice, and we willingly work with people from all backgrounds and difficulties, including those whose lifestyle increases the risk of contact with the criminal justice system. Welberry believes in the necessity and sanctuary of confidentiality to allow a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship, which is a necessity for treatment success.


Psychological intervention serves the purpose of developing mental, emotional, and behavioural strategies to offer individuals and organisations effective solutions for their existing challenges, as well as to proactively develop measures that prevent potential problems and mitigate associated risks.

Mental Health

Drug and Alcohol Issues




Thank you so much for everything that you and your team have done for my child and my family.”
– Patient, France

I came into rehab for support to stop drinking and taking methamphetamine. I heard about Gavin when I was at another rehab, and I came specifically here to work with him. He became my mentor really and helped me understand and see things about my life differently, things that had been hurting me since my childhood. My mental health is now the best it’s been in over 20 years.”
– Patient, New Zealand

I wouldn’t be able to have started my lifetime journey towards sobriety without your help.”
– Patient, Philippines

The outstanding Dr Gavin Jones is without doubt Europe’s best psychologist. ”
– Patient, Germany

No hospital in the United States was able to do what you have done for our son.”
– Mother, United States

You saved my life, my friend, and my mom still asks if we can adopt you!”
– Patient, Brazil

I now understand who I am and why I am who I am. Everything about me makes sense now and why I’ve done these things that make no sense in my life. I feel at peace.”
– Patient, Australia

Thanks to Gavin’s help I’ve moved on from what happened to me. I’m excited again about my life. I am going to finish university and I want to become a psychologist too.”
– Patient, United States

It’s been amazing working with you Dr Gavin. This experience of treatment was inspiring to me, and I know it to others as well. Thank you so much.”
– Patient, The Gulf

I have seen the best psychiatrists in the world and none of them allowed me to come off my anti-depressants. They kept saying it was too risky. But, with Gavin’s guidance, I slowly came off them and I am now experiencing the best mental health of my life.”
– Patient, United Kingdom

I have been to countless expensive and the best rehabs in the US. I’ve had over 30 different treatments, and this has been the best.”
– Patient, United States

The best clinician I have seen. He is amazing. I have met and worked with many clinicians in this job in my time, but none compared to Gavin.”
– Clinician, Thailand